How to grow your business by growing trust

ThinkLikeAnApp Workshop Series

Webinar Recordings

This four-part series is a result-focused training providing concrete steps you can take to make a difference in your business' bottom line. A recording of each episode from this ThinkLikeAnApp workshop is accessible below.

To access resources covered in any of the episodes, visit our ThinkLikeAnApp Resources page.

Episode 1: Building Trust and the Evolution of the Modern Consumer

Tuesday, May 4th at 1 pm CST

Explore why consumers have more power today, how they are influenced by big business, where to focus and how to produce results.

Episode 2: Getting the Right Customers (and employees) to Make Business Growth Easier

Tuesday, June 8th at 1 pm CST

In this episode, learn how to stand out and show up for your customers while building a compelling customer experience.

Episode 3: Using Transparency to Relieve Customer Anxiety and Grow Your Business

Tuesday, July 13th at 1 pm CST

Learn about the gaps that can cause your customers to be wary and how to bridge these gaps for enduring customer interactions.

Episode 4: Showing Customers You Care by Eliminating Friction Points

Tuesday, August 10th at 1 pm CST

Identify the potential friction points in your business and learn how care and concern (and even technology!) can make a difference.

Bonus Session: How to Grow Your Business by Growing Trust

Thursday, September 23rd at 1 pm CST

In this bonus session, we take all we've learned about the "Trust Triangle" and turn them into concrete actions to build your company's bottom line.

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